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root@local:~/repo# ls -l ./packages
Name Version Description Size Bundle ID
PowerDown 1.3.1 PowerDown rewritten for iOS 11 106 KB com.qiop1379.powerdown
DesignerXI 1.2.1 Easily create and manage themes or zeppelin icons directly from your device! 23 KB com.qiop1379.designerxi
DockOutline 1.1.4 Turn the dock into an outline 9 KB com.qiop1379.dockoutline
Thinner 1.1.1 Change font weight on the lockscreen clock/date. 65 KB com.qiop1379.dockoutline
RomanKeypad 1.1.2 Change the buttons in the phone app to Roman numerals 143 KB com.qiop1379.romankeypad
FLEXBar 1.0.0 Open Flipboard Explorer by triple tapping on the status bar 201 KB com.qiop1379.romankeypad
Shreddit 1.0.0 Change most of the reddit functions to end in -eddit. Doesn't really do much. 952 B com.qiop1379.shreddit
SeparatorBegone! 1.0.0 Remove the separator on UITableViews 3 KB com.qiop1379.separatorbegone
StatusColor 1.0.0 Color your status bar! 153 KB com.qiop1379.statuscolor
Zeppelicator 0.0.2 Make custom icons for Zeppelin! 74 KB com.qiop1379.zeppelicator
Fuck off, su 1.0.0 Always start in NewTerm2 as root 726 B com.qiop1379.fuckoffsu